Pexip Partners with Kinly

In the beginning of October, Pexip announced a partnership with Kinly, under which the latter will distribute Pexip’s solutions through its own distribution channels. Kinly is perfectly suited for this longer-dated partnership, as the firm specializes in deployment of video collaboration solutions and is one of the leaders in the market. Under this partnership, Pexip’s products will be delivered under the brand name “Pexip by Kinly” – with the partner providing value-added services.


The CFO of Pexip, Øystein Hem, commented “we are excited to see Kinly working with Pexip in a growing number of regions and markets. Kinly’s Gold certification status is a testimony to their ability to deliver innovative solutions to global customers”.

Allot Identifies Areas of Regulatory Concerns

On the 2nd of October, Allot announced that the firm had observed a trend for high-throughput network visibility as a key regulatory interest. Thus, Allot identified areas of growth for solutions including: DDoS protection, QoE monitoring, restriction of malware and malicious content, ensuring safety of children, and prevention of cyber-attacks.


“To meet the increased demand and ensure that our solutions continue to deliver the highest levels of performance, stability and security, Allot has been recruiting a host of new staff, including experienced cyber security experts.” – Ronen Priel, VP of Allot

McAfee MVISION Improvements


In early October, McAfee announced new features and improvements to its flagship cloud-technology product line-up, MVISION. Specifically under the MVISION umbrella – the Cloud, Endpoint, EDR and ePO – received improvements. The additions to Cloud include new threat protection capabilities, such as the Gateway Antimalware Engine. Endpoint and EDR were improved upon with the additions of MITRE ATT&CK Framework – designed to introduce machine learning into threat tracking and alerts. Finally, MVISION ePo received an upgrade of the Management of Native Encryption, among others.


McAfee's MVISION Insights

In the beginning of October, McAfee announced that its flagship MVISION line-up has had a new addition – the Insights solution. MVISION Insights is designed to give users a better understanding of risks, and the effectiveness of their defences. Insights is designed to help organizations pin-point areas for improvement and relevant solutions to risks posed by the industry. There are three key purposes for Insights: to trace and map attacks, set priorities for risks and risk assessment, use pro-active defences against said risks.


“MVISION Insights will provide the analytics to enable organizations to recognize the threats they will need to immediately take action against, and threats that could potentially impact them in the future. This proactive approach will significantly enhance cybersecurity effectiveness with faster response times and higher efficiencies.” – Ash Kulkarni, EVP of McAfee

McAfee Unified Cloud Edge Launch

On the 2nd of October, McAfee announced the launch of Unified Cloud Edge – an initiative designed to target cloud security risks through the implementation of McAfee’s MVISION Cloud, Web Gateway, and Data Loss Prevention solution on McAfee’s flagship MVISION ePolicy Orchestrator. McAfee developed the Unified Cloud Edge in response to common concerns facing the cloud, such as complex DLP and CASB deployments. The initiative will bring users increased visibility of the cloud and data transport from device-to-cloud, unified set of policies and protocols, machine-learning based defence software for the cloud platform, and an accessible UI.