Allot Partners with Altice MEO

Allot was selected by Altice MEO – the largest Portuguese mobile service provider – for deployment of Allot’s NetworkSecure platform. Allot will also be deploying its EndpointSecure solution. Altice MEO’s users have an option to use the security services provided by Allot’s solutions by subscribing and paying a monthly fee.


Hagay Katz, VP at Allot, said “Altice MEO required a mature, unified solution that combined network and endpoint cybersecurity for their customers. Our unified Allot Secure solution is a perfect fit. With our revenue sharing partnership, MEO can maximize their ARPU while strengthening their brand and increasing loyalty.”

Conference to Discuss Allot's Year End Results

Allot Ltd. has announced that it will hold a conference call on the 4thof February to discuss the Q4 and year-end results for 2019. The firm will publish the financial results prior to the conference call. 

Peter Leav: New CEO of McAfee

On the 16thof January, McAfee announced the decision to appoint Peter Leav as the new Chief Executive Officer, who will be succeeding Chris Young. This managerial change is set to take action on the 3rdof February. Leav has two decades worth of experience working in the industry, including leadership roles in BMC Software, Polycom, NCR Corporation, and Motorola. McAfee’s Chairman – Jon Winkelried – endorses Leav, who’s experience, he says, is perfect for developing McAfee as it enters a new chapter of the firm’s growth. 


“McAfee is one of the largest, most important cybersecurity brands in the world, with a commitment to innovation and excellence. By maintaining the forward-thinking, customer-centric approach that has come to define McAfee, I am confident that we will continue to play a very meaningful role in protecting individuals, businesses and communities from the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape” – Peter Leav, new McAfee CEO


Stratus' Survey on Smart Factory Initiatives

On the 14thof January, a Stratus-commissioned study of the European manufacturing industry highlighted the importance and benefits of implementing Smart Factories. The study highlighted that 45% of respondents reported a return on investment in the Smart Factory initiatives within less than a year. However, 57% respondents also commented that the cost of investment was a barrier to adopting the technology. 


“In a Smart Factory, one of the key elements is being able to analyse all of the data that comes from connected machinery, people and other assets (such as the building and environmental variables that affect production)” – Greg Hookings, Head of Business Development (EMEA) for Stratus Technologies

Allot's NetworkSecure to be Deployed by Leading European Firm

Allot’s flagship Security-as-a-Service Solution – the NetworkSecure – was recently selected by a leading mobile provider in Central and Eastern Europe. The NetworkSecure is designed to minimize cyber security threats and offer parental control options to users. The mobile provider’s customers will have an option to opt-in to Allot’s service by paying a monthly fee.